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We combine great flavors, local ingredients and the Caribbean hospitality to create a unforgettable dining experience.

Our location

You can find us right in the center of Kralendijk, at the Kaya Grandi 12. We love to show you how we serve freshly prepared food from as many local resources as possible. Just take a look at one of our videos… or visit us in person to see for yourself!

The duck in the cornfield

This is the newest edition to our video series featuring CHEF’S TABLE dishes that are inspired by local ingredients. This time, it is all about DUCK, local CORN, and PUMPKIN as we introduce you to some of the local farmers and the hardships they endure in their quest to grow produce on an island with no steady fresh water supply.

This is now number five in our video series and it is time to introduce our newest project: “FLAVORS OF BONAIRE – Discover the taste of a unique Caribbean island”. This BOOK will feature many chef’s table recipes, introduce the local suppliers and their products, and show you the beauty of Bonaire in an awesome collection of pictures.

Moulo at the salt pier

In our latest video, it is all about fish and salt. Meet the fisherman that ensures our Fish Market is full of fresh fish every night. He also catches our new specialty; Moulo. Learn all about it in our latest video, and see some of the spectacular landscapes at the Cargill salt pans. The salt and moulo are the key ingredients of a superb new appetizer. We hope you enjoy the video and we hope you come and try it: MOULO AT THE SALTPIER!

Rincon on fire!

In our video series on CHEF’S TABLE dishes that are inspired by local products we introduce you to some of the locals that produce great quality foods. Here is La Cantina Bonaire’s brand new dessert; a baked Alaska made with local eggs, rum, and goat yoghurt. Meet Aletta, Wien and Eric and see them at work in their local operations. Learn how we use their products to produce a delicious dessert!

Come test it as part of our CHEF’S TABLE 4 or 6 course dinner, prepared by one of our chefs at your table!

Bonaire Blond meets the ocean

Bonaire Blond is the first and only beer brewed with ingredients of Bonaire. The pale beer has fresh hints from lime and an aromatic spiciness from the Aloë Vera flower grown on the local Onima Plantation. In this video, we show you how we use this great beer in one of our favorite dishes.

The chicken under the tamarind tree

We take great pride in working with the best local products available. Difficult on an island? Sometimes! Impossible? Never! Please take a look at our video, where we show you how we make our ‘Chicken under the tamarind tree’ dish with all local products!

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