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Bonaire Blond

Bonaire’s beer

Our house beer, Bonaire Blond, is a refreshing blond made with local Aloë Vera flowers which we harvest ourselves and dry in our kitchen.

The Brewery opened it’s doors in September 2016. For nearly 4 years, different styles of beer have been brewed and served in this little townhouse. We have tried and tested hundreds of recipes. We know the Caribbean climate makes you very thirsty. But your thirst was bigger than our batches!

We needed to expand. In collaboration with a brewery in the Netherlands, we brew our finest recipes, in bigger batches and ship the kegs to Bonaire. Now we have enough beer to invite all of your friends and more tables to dance on!

Because life in the Caribbean is all about enjoying it, Cheers!

Discover La Cantina Bonaire

Restaurant La Cantina

Restaurant La Cantina is located in the attractive courtyard garden at the rear. Here you can eat at a good level, affordable under an open starry sky in a warm cozy ambiance. In addition to our regular dishes, the restaurant also serves daily changing specials. Or opt for the Fish Market: a delicious selection of different types of fish, entirely dependent on our local fishermen.

The Brewery

A warm beer cafe, with a wide variety of beers on tap and bottle. You can go here for lunch, drinks and dinner. Try different beers while playing one of the plenty of games available. And of course get to know Bonaire Blond, the beer from Bonaire.

Local Fisher Jan

Back when Jan was young, his father worked on the kunuku (farm) and his mother sold fish for the local fishermen. They had a small boat that they used to fish with on the weekends. Sometimes they caught so many fish that they couldn’t sell it all. Later Jan made fishing his profession. Meanwhile, times have changed and Bonaire has become more crowded and they may only catch 1 or 2 large fish per day.